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What’s easier than selling to your own customers?
It should be easy to sell to your own customers. They’ve already bought in – literally. But do you really know how they’re using your products and services? Do you understand what they like and dislike about them? We’ll find out what they need from you today, and what they’ll need tomorrow – not by guesswork, but by getting them on the phone and treating them like the important individuals they are. We’ll tell them what else you have to offer, and pass on their names if they want something new or different. We’re primed to up-sell and cross-sell to them ourselves, too, if that would help, because we get to know your offerings well enough to match them to your customers’ needs. We’ll understand your business as well as you do.

To drive your customer development programs, we can:
  • Develop customer loyalty programs
  • Convert browsers to buyers
  • Cross-sell/up-sell current customers
  • Identify suspects and prospects for further development

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    These days, many high technology product and service sales cycles are as complex as the product being sold. A successful sale often requires agreement from multiple buyers at the executive, financial and technical level. Sales cycles are also getting longer as clients demand more from their vendors in the areas of product demonstrations, evaluation periods, and pilots. For many companies, these extended cycles are in direct odds with the realities of increased competition and shrinking margins. To address this alarming trend, Cerida offers expedient, cost-effective solutions.

    Once a product or service is sold, we tend to focus our efforts on attracting new customers for our product offering. However we all know that an existing customer is our best resource for selling new offerings or expanding their current capabilities. Cerida has a demonstrated ability in expanding existing customer revenue.


    Cerida has developed and implemented programs similar to the ones above, to contact your existing installed base and uncover additional opportunities. Cerida has typically increased a company’s return rate in excess of 300% for existing customers

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