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Marketing is easy, right?
Are you communicating with the right audience? Do you know if what you’re saying about your products and services is getting through? We can find out for you – actually talk to people in your target audience and discover if, indeed, they’re the ones you’re looking for and if they’re hearing what you want them to hear. If they’re not, we can also get on the phones and find you the right audience and the message that will appeal to them, because we know the questions to ask.

To drive your marketing programs, we can:
  • Profile ideal customers
  • Develop lists/databases
  • Verify databases
  • Increase awareness
  • Identify and qualify suspects
  • Manage lead distribution
  • Support seminars

    For more information on our marketing services, call 978-659-6125.


    In today’s technology-driven, highly competitive economy, there is little room for a trial-and-error approach to marketing. Success in maximizing the window of opportunity often depends on a company’s ability to get it right the first time. To help you develop a winning sales strategy right from the start, or to improve an existing one that is not meeting management’s expectations, Cerida offers standard and customized programs to meet you needs.


    Lead qualification increases sales force productivity by taking on the initial phases of the sales cycle, such as account mapping, interest development and needs analysis, to generate qualified business opportunities. Using proven inquiry tactics, our motivate Business Development Representatives are adept at nurturing the interest level of leads until they become a-level prospects. Cerida has a proven track record of qualifying prospects and identifying leads that your sales force can focus on.

    Cerida provides these services to a wide range of companies looking for a cost-effective way to ensure their marketing and sales efforts are on target. Our professionals have hands-on experience in developing cost-effective strategies that project a positive image for your company, products or services. We work with you to identify and reach your target audience with an appropriate message, establish realistic goals, and plan for effective follow-up. Working with Cerida at the outset of your seminar project ensures the best possible results at its conclusion.

    Contact us now to speak with a Cerida business development executive.

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