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Dental Relaxation

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Dental Relaxation is a free referral service dedicated to patients experiencing some form of dental fear or anxiety about going to the dentist. Dental Relaxation is committed to working with Sedation Dentists and dental practices that are dedicated to providing a non-judgmental, comfortable and safe conscious sedation experience for their patients. Each of our dentists are certified and highly trained in Sedation Dentistry. Dental Relaxation checks the credentials of each and every dentist. Dental Relaxation insures that every Sedation Dentist and dental practice meets the highest standards of patient care and customer service. The staff at each Dentist office is also trained to make sure you have a safe and relaxing visit. Dental Relaxation has Sedation Dentists conveniently located in your area so you don't have to travel far for peace-of-mind.


In early 2006 Dental Relaxation was a new company looking to partner with a call center that could help them develop the script, processes and procedures necessary to meet the needs of the patients/callers and dentists in the North East. Then refine the process to allow them to expand this service through out the country. Dental Relaxation felt it was important to initially deal with a local call center capable of working in quickly changing environment. An associate of Dental Relaxationís founder and CEO highly recommended Cerida.


Dental Relaxationís business plan is centered on a new and unique marketing service for dentists that offered Oral Conscience Sedation. Oral Conscience Sedation targets the over 100 million people that have fear or anxiety about going to the dentist. Since this had never been done before all of the processes, procedures and scripting had to be built and then modified on the fly. This is complicated by the fact that even making the call is highly stressful for many of the patients. The goal of the call center agent is to collect pertinent information, calm and reassure the caller to get them to the point where they are ready to schedule the next step with a network dentist.


Ceridaís IT staff built an online application to capture the callerís information and concerns that could be accessed by Cerida, Dental Relaxation management and the network dentists. Cerida then built a team of senior agents capable of controlling an unscripted and unstructured conversation even when dealing with callers that are often in a heightened state of stress or anxiety.


Cerida began receiving Dental Relaxation calls in early February of 2006. Over the first six to eight months we had frequent meetings with Dental Relaxation management to refine the process and assure that we met the unique needs of the callers while providing the member dentists with the information and prospective patients they required to make the business successful to all parties. Then we began refining the call flow and processes to make it portable to other call centers and allow Dental Relaxation to grow beyond the inbound capabilities available at Cerida and allow them to take advantage of the potential cost saving other call centers could offer. When the process, call flow, scripting and procedures were stable we began the process of moving the program to a sister call center within the Answernet network that was able to provide more complete coverage hours, more coverage during peak demand times and lower overall costs. To assist in this transition a senior Cerida agent went to the new call center to help train their agents and then stayed on site during their first few weeks of operations to answer any questions and insure a smooth transition.

Cerida's effective support of marketing initiatives enabled Dental Relaxation to gain:

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