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Selling is simple, isn’t it?
There’s you, your products and services, and there’s your customer. All you have to do is bring them together. But it takes up to 50 phone calls to find each customer who understands what you have to offer, and can use it. We’re in the business of finding those customers for you – a lot faster than you can find them yourself – and priming them for your sales people. We’ll even close deals for you, if you want, because we pride ourselves on getting to know your business as well as you do.

To drive your sales programs, we can:
  • Support and evolve your sales model
  • Support post-marketing efforts
  • Turn leads into qualified business opportunities
  • Close sales
  • Perform team selling
  • Implement closed-loop reporting

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    Our sales programs, move prospects through the sales cycle from inception to close. To do that, our experienced reps are trained to operate as a dedicated team, independent of your in-house sales organization, but working as an extension of your company. Utilizing our programs provides your company the flexibility and freedom to explore new revenue streams or expand overall market penetration, without drawing your current sales force away from existing clients. With its complete sales cycle platform, these programs are a useful tool to deploy when exploring the viability of a new product or service.

    When organizations need a cost-effective way to sell sophisticated technology, our Inside Sales Representatives work with your outside sales as a team. Our sales representatives are skilled at working in conjunction with your sales or channel representatives, increasing market penetration and revenue. All our team-selling professionals are team players wit h strong selling skills, as well as proven territory and account management expertise.

    Through sales approach and expertise in the industry, Cerida has implemented thousands of programs to assist companies with:


    No matter what your current sales model strategy, whether it’s a direct sales force with field sales or inside sales, or an indirect model that works with VARs, integrators or OEMs, our programs will instill a best practices methodology that will have your organization maximize its’ revenue potential.

    Contact us now to speak with a Cerida business development executive.

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