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To support your Cerida team – and your in-house marketing, sales, and customer development teams – Cerida has established partnerships with carefully selected business development and technology companies. Our business development partners provide additional services to increase your effectiveness across the sale cycle. Our technology partners ensure that we consistently deploy state-of-the-art technology to enhance our ability to influence your customers and potential customers.

Business Development Alliances

SalesVantage.com – Cerida’s alliance with SalesVantage enables us to offer our prospects and clients an additional source of strategic business intelligence to help them remain competitive in today’s dynamic business environment.

SalesVantage.com is a Web portal established to help business professionals succeed and grow in the digital economy. Their suite of Web based services and mission critical information is designed to give our daily users the tools necessary to react to everyday business demands with more speed and reliability than ever before.

TeleSales Services – Cerida has established an alliance with TeleSales Services to enable better service penetration and to provide our clients access to and recommendations for services not within our areas of expertise.

TeleSales Services is a telemarketing specialist that offers high-quality, results-oriented telemarketing and telesales solutions through outsourcing service bureaus. TeleSales Services helps organizations identify and choose an outsourced call center provider capable of supporting their unique requirements.

Technology Alliances

Cisco Systems – This leadership position and expertise have brought unprecedented returns to our clients seeking to offer the best, most cost-effective sales development channels.

Cisco's Customer Contact solution provides a horizontally integrated open software platform to which customers can add advanced multimedia call center capabilities and intelligent contact routing to enhance customer relationships and reduce the friction inherent in business processes. Multiple contact channels—from Web, phone, and chat to interactive voice response and email—can, as a result, be managed in an integrated fashion in support of a unified customer experience across all channels. This technology alliance has enhanced Cerida’s expertise in the integration of a true multi-channel sales strategy. This strategy has positioned Cerida as the innovator and industry thought leader within this market sector.

WebDialogs – Cerida built an alliance with WebDialogs early in their development to ensure that product innovations would closely echo the needs of the market. That strategy has worked as WebDialogs has brought products to market that meet real business needs, not just product features that sounded good in theory.

WebDialogs has revolutionized business communication by combining the power of the Internet with telephony networks. Whether it's taking a call from a confused customer on your Web site, completing a transaction online, providing remote technical support, or giving a sales presentation on-the-fly, WebDialogs' solutions can make the interaction better!

NewChannel – This alliance relationship has allowed Cerida clients to realize the tremendous business value of contacting Web visitors while they are at their peak of interest, as experienced using the reactive Click and Connect services, but in an outbound proactive model.

NewChannel provides a hosted service that enables sales-people to proactively contact the hottest leads on their Web site, at the optimal moment, and invite them to a real-time sales consultation, while they are still on the site. This enables salespeople to pursue revenue opportunities they would otherwise have missed.

!Hey – Cerida has formed a relationship with !Hey to offer this leading solution to our customers as well as providing an entire group of organizations that wish to provide the best levels of service to their prospects and customers without undertaking the capital investment of building an internal “contact center” team.

!Hey provides a unified customer interaction solution that allows companies to take advantage of each communication channel and observe and respond to customer behavior proactively.