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Our Difference
We are a customer relationship management firm focused on customer acquisition, development and retention. Cerida identifies, qualifies, develops and closes targeted sales leads, and develops and implements loyalty and retention programs that help organizations find more value in existing relationships.

Cerida works specifically with organizations selling and servicing products and services, and provides the expertise and resources required to integrate multiple sales and marketing channels into an efficient, streamlined sales process that generates rapid results.

Because our clients have a level of complexity in their products or buying processes, Cerida requires an added level of sophistication from all of our employees when compared to traditional call centers.

Cerida’s clients come to us because we offer a level of service that no other teleprofessional organization can provide.
  • We build a consultative relationship based upon a solid understanding of your business objectives and your processes.

  • We find you the best prospects and then describe your products and services to them, priming them for sales from your team or selling to them directly.

  • We elicit significant business intelligence from these prospects and help you to refine your programs so they meet your business goals.

  • We do not work for you, we work with you.

  • We offer superior service, because we know over 1/3 of our business is referral based.
Contact us today and let us customize a successful program for your organization.