Our Methodology

Someone else who knows your business

We ensure that the business development representatives assigned to your team are smart enough to understand your business, skilled at selling and at getting information, and have the management support they need to continuously improve their skills. Your team also includes a client services manager, who ensures that you get the best from Cerida, and who takes responsibility for pushing your programs to new levels of success.

We aggressively recruit our business development representatives using a variety of proven methods, including behavioral interviews, that make us the best in the industry at finding superior candidates. We screen those candidates carefully for intelligence, perseverance, and sophisticated people skills, taking on only “the best and the brightest.” When building your team, we also screen our candidates (internal and external) for the technical skills and personal attributes your specify.

We train our business development representatives more thoroughly than anyone in the industry, instructing them in:
  • Miller-Heimen sales techniques
  • Conceptual, solution, and strategic selling
  • Phone and Web use
  • Lotus® Notes email and calendar
  • Databases
  • Time management
  • Communication for action
  • Business etiquette
  • Client-specific business and project information

    Our business development representatives are backed by managers trained in coaching, counseling, and conflict resolution. These managers conduct 45- and 90-day reviews of their business development representatives that are tied to skills ratings. To ensure that each business development representative is performing at the optimum level, managers conduct one-on-one paralleling sessions and remotely monitor calls. They also lead “tape clubs,” where actual calls are reviewed to improve performance. In addition, you, the client, can also monitor actual calls remotely to assess your business development representative team in action.

    Delivering client services
    Your client services manager is expert in marketing, sales, and customer development. He or she provides continuous monitoring of the results your team is achieving, and prepares and interprets customized reports that suggest specific actions to improve your results and decrease your costs. The client services manager acts as a virtual part of your staff, and expects you to make the same demands on, and have the same expectations for, him/her as you would someone you’d hired yourself.